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Mila is your platform for trusted services: From useful services like cleaning or IT support to comforting services like massages or beauty treatments. On www.mila.com or using the Mila app you can find trusted providers in your city and you can book them directly. Mila means more me time! While our professionals take care of tedious tasks, you make the most of your freed-up time enjoying one of our life style treatments.


If you are looking for a cleaner, you will find the perfect offer on Mila. No matter if you are looking for office cleaning services, maintenance cleaning or for someone to clean your home, be it a flat or a house: On Mila you will find a motivated cleaning service provider to give you more me time.


Our daily life can be stressful, so it is important that we take some time off to relax. Going to the spa or enjoying a revitalizing massage make for the perfect feel-good program.


A visit to a cosmetics institute or to a small, family-run beauty parlor can make you feel all new. While trained beauticians take care of you, you can just lean back and relax. Enjoy revitalizing facials, thorough depilations, manicures, pedicures and much more.

IT support

When your computer or mobile phone acts up, you can draw on the technical knowhow of our providers. On Mila you will find tech-savvy people near you.

Together we want to build trust: That is why all providers are tested and rated by the Mila community. So you can be sure to be in good hands!