Upcoming home automation trends for your smart home.

As technologies like Machine Learning, 5G, and IoT matures, we see smart homes become smarter! In the expanding market, both from the consumer’s and manufacturer’s point of view is pumping more money into the field, adding to greater innovations that bring us all closer and closer to the promise of a truly interconnected and intelligent home. 

Here is a look at some of the trends that will mature in 2020.

Voice Control 

Conversational AI systems have entered the corporate market in a big way. Now large technology giants are bringing the same to smart home tech. NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology and voice recognition are being combined with simple AI algorithms to deliver the next-generation of voice control to all smart home tech. We are not talking about giving commands to Alexa or Siri; this will be like having a conversation with your home! 

(Extremely useful for seniors, people with disabilities and children who might not be able to handle controls) 

Next-Generation Integrated Smart Security 

Smart security started out as a bunch of motion sensors and cameras connected to a hub; now, they have facial recognition, video analytics, people and package detection and can see through obstacles. And all of this is combined with pattern recognition that brings true intelligence into the home. 

(Perfect for security-conscious homeowners that want complete control of their homes – both in and out. These solutions are especially useful if you also have older family members or children at home alone). 

Technology brings enhanced healthcare 

There are a whole hosts of smart healthcare devices – such as wearables, fall alerts, enhanced monitoring of vital functions such as blood pressure, sugar, and cardiovascular activity – already available in the market. 

What’s new now is that they all integrate better with each other and bring enhanced healthcare to homeowners. These devices also connect with other smart devices such as thermostats, security cameras, hubs, speakers for voice reminders, motion sensors, and more to bring a variation of security, which can be indispensable for seniors.

(For older homeowners or people with disabling illnesses, these systems can bring a better quality of life and a measure of independence) 

Faster Internet and more processing power

 5G is rolling out across the world, and WiFi 6 technology is here already. Combined, these two will give smart home technology more bandwidth and speed to play with. 

(A trend to keep an eye on if you want to add more technology into your smart home ecosystem). 

The only constant in the world of technology is change! While you don’t have to react to every fresh trend, it can be extremely useful to incorporate select innovations in a focused manner to make your life more comfortable. 

But tech is not everyone’s cup of tea! So, if you want the latest smart tech but don’t want to put in the time and effort to keep up with the trends, then just book a smart home consultation with a Mila professional and get all your information in one place.