The 5 Essential Apps to have on Your Tablet

Did you know that the first tablet that came into the global market was GRidPad in 1989? The device got its name from the grid system. However, in 2010 when Apple Inc. launched iPad, tablets started gaining popularity. 

Following in Apple’s footsteps, many companies began producing cheaper tablets to target the mass market. 

Now, after more than a decade, tablets have become an integral part of consumers’ lives for personal, educational, workplace, and entertainment purposes.

A Statista report says that until June 2022, Google Play Store had 2.65 million Android apps.  It is never easy to choose five apps from such a huge number of applications. 

We have listed five apps that stand out from the remaining ones based on their usefulness in day-to-day lives. 

Amazon for Tablets

Similar to its smartphone app, there is an Amazon shopping app exclusively for tablets. This app provides plenty of irresistible shopping options filling the entire screen of tablets. 

There are also several specific features in the table version, like the option of pressing and holding to move items to the bottom of the screen or saving them like a bookmark for your favourite items.

Tablets in sizes of 7” to 10” are preferred to use this app. Although the app is quite old, Amazon keeps updating it regularly. 

It is a nice sight that other companies still support tablets on the Android platform even when Google does not think it is necessary.


When Google launched its mail service in 2004, not many thought that it will become one of the top free email services. 

Before Gmail came, most people were using Hotmail. However, Google eventually overshadowed all the contenders and has been an undisputable leader in the email space since then.  

In November 2006, the Gmail app came up and made signing up on this platform easier for users. You just need to enter your full name, date of birth, and a name to create an email account.

Gmail is one of the last remaining Google apps with a dedicated interface for tablets. On the table screen, Gmail displays two columns – the inbox shows on the left and the latest messages on the right. You can also use a few keyboard shortcuts for managing messages.

Also, it only takes a couple of taps to compose and check your emails. With more than a billion users, Gmail is the free go-to app for email.

Overall, Gmail is a highly useful and essential app for both individuals and small businesses. Another good feature is you can even align your website’s email with your Gmail and use it for business communications. 

Google Pay

Google Pay is another essential Android app that brings instant online money transactions to your fingertips in a fast, simple, and secure way. 

Whenever there is a requirement to buy something online or you urgently need to send or receive money, all it needs is a few taps on Google Pay. 

If you want different types of money management features in one place, such as cards and mobile payment, Google Pay is a great choice.

Compared to other apps, it is easier to add multiple bank accounts to Google Pay. By setting and entering a secure PIN, you can check your account balance. 

Whenever needed, you can transfer funds into your bank account, or pay someone instantly. 

Google has integrated the acquaintance-paying feature with the Google Pay app that was earlier in another Google Pay Send app. This integration has put Google Pay in the same bracket as PayPal, Venmo, and Square Cash. 

 Now, about the matter of online security, you will be assured to know that Google Pay never transfers users’ actual credit card number, but send encrypted code verification.

Google Maps

The utility of the Google Maps app is undeniable. In our busy daily lives, this app makes it easier to find your favorite establishments, locate people’s addresses, track the whereabouts of your family members, or understand the routing to a destination.

You will also see frequent use of the Google Maps app on tablets by Uber cabs for navigation. It is because Google Maps app offers a user interface or UI that is ideal for tablets in both portrait and landscape modes. 

On the large screen of tablets, you will find the primary info on the left while the map takes up most of the screen. It means you will never lose sight of the map, which is useful if you need to use the map often on a tablet for navigation.


YouTube is probably one of the most popular apps. In 2022, YouTube has 2.6 billion users worldwide. Although many of those users watch YouTube videos on their smartphones, the bigger screen of tablets gives a better view. 

The YouTube app for tablets is essential because it is not just for watching entertainment or sports videos. This app has millions of channels that post useful video content to help the audience solve many day-to-day issues. Starting from MS Word or Excel hacks, how-to steps, to technical matters, YouTube has it all. 

You can have your video library or a “watch later” list to watch videos later. You can also create content and share it with your friends or acquaintances. However, the video “download” option is only available for premium users. Premium subscription also provides the benefit of uninterrupted “no ads” video watching.