How Smart Home Helps You during the Holidays

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. The holiday season is a truly magical time filled with memorable reunions with family and friends, exchanging gifts, and cooking delicious meals for your loved ones.

Besides, Christmas trees, sparkling lights, and holiday songs make these amazing days fulfilling. During this time, homeowners get busy preparing their homes for the holidays. 

Getting your home ready for the holiday season is not easy and most people could use a helping hand. Luckily, a smart home with ultra-modern devices can get you through your holiday to-do list.

Smart home technologies can do much more than just make your life easier. Smart devices can also make your home safer by keeping watch on it and enabling you to spend quality time with people close to you.  

A Smart Home Can Make Your Holidays Safer and Enjoyable

Put up Holiday Light Display with Smart Lights and Smart Plug

Holidays are incomplete without hanging beautiful holiday lights. You can get smart LED light strings for a spectacular lighting display.

Installing LED light strings can also save energy bills and give you more control over your home lighting. However, between the outdoor lights displays, Christmas trees, and others, you may have to deal with plenty of cords. 

You don't have to crawl under the tree to plug/unplug your lights. Instead, get a smart plug to automate the task. 

Smart plugs will allow you to control nearly any wired device using your smartphone or a voice command via a home assistant, like Amazon Echo or Google Home. 

The installation of a smart plug is easy. You only have to plug it into an outlet, download the required app, and follow the instructions. After plugging your holiday lights into the smart plug, you will have full control over it using the app.

You can use your smartphone to turn on/off the lights or dim them for lesser energy consumption. Another option is setting the lights on a schedule, and they will automatically turn off if you forget to do that.

Control the Indoor Temperature with Smart Thermostat

An efficient way to lower your energy bills is by installing a smart thermostat. 

During the cold holiday weather, you don’t have to keep your Heating, Venting, and Cooling (HVAC) system turned on all day long or wait to get your home warmed up or cool down when you reach home. The smart thermostat will keep the indoor temperature comfortable for you. 

Installing a smart thermostat like Google Nest will help you automatically control heating and cooling inside your home. Google Nest is the first-ever thermostat with the energy star certification. 

The thermostat has sensors that will detect if you are not home. Then the device will get your smartphone location and set eco temperatures. This way, the device will smartly save energy.

Sync to Play Christmas Carols in the Rooms

Melodies make the holiday season more enjoyable. Fill your home with the sweet melodies of Christmas carols and different holiday songs by syncing your Google Home or Amazon Alexa Echo Dot to play a selected list of songs all day long.  

If you have more than one of those devices, you can place them in different rooms and play your favourite holiday music on repeat all day long. 

If you want to play music in all the rooms, you can also use portable Bluetooth speakers and play songs using your smartphone and soak in the festivities.

Smart Microwave for Holiday Baking

Between your holiday planning, shopping, and deciding on recipes, you will need an efficient way to cook delicious meals, or else it could be a lot of work. 

Holiday meals are one of the greatest family traditions, and the stakes are high. A smart microwave can take some pressure off your shoulders with some smart recipes and fast cooking.

By using a smart microwave, you can reheat food items, make popcorn, and defrost vegetables. Besides, with the help of an echo device, you can give voice commands to the device.

You can get an Amazon Basics Microwave with a starting price of $60, which is one of the most budget-friendly smart microwaves available on the market. If you are looking for a low-cost cooking device, this microwave can perfectly fit your requirements. 

Wireless Cameras and Electronic Lock/Alarm System

In the joy and excitement of the holiday season, don’t forget about taking measures for home security. Holidays are the times when the instances of theft go up significantly, especially when the homeowners are away. 

The best way to stop the sneaky thieves in their tracks is to install wireless cameras and electronic lock/alarm systems. 

The cameras from Google Nest are battery-powered and easy to install in any place you want. The cameras come with all-glass lenses, enabling them to get close-up views. 

The following are key features of the cameras:

  • Google Nest cameras can differentiate between people, animals and objects.

  • The cameras send alerts once they are activated. 

  • Through the cameras, homeowners can keep in touch with their families.

  • The face recognition feature of the cameras will alert you about familiar faces and strangers.

Besides, you can use the lock and alarm system that Google has come up with in partnering with Yale. It is a keyless connected deadbolt lock.

The lock can notify you about visitors and will also alert you on your phone if someone attempts to tamper with it. The system will even allow you to lock your door remotely if you forget to do that on your way out.

Energy Monitoring Systems

The holidays bring along the freezing winter season. To keep the inside of your home warm, you will have to use room heaters and furnaces/boilers for warm water. 

Such devices consume plenty of energy and skyrocket your electricity bill. This is why you should know your daily and monthly energy consumption.

An energy monitoring system can help you monitor your daily energy consumption rate in real-time and help you identify the areas where you are wasting energy so you can control the usage. 

By using energy monitors such as Sense and Eve, you can check your energy usage patterns and help you make the required changes to reduce your energy bill.


All the listed smart devices can transform your house into a smart home during the holidays by covering all the bases starting from achieving energy efficiency to providing fool-proof security. 

Additionally, these smart devices can also prevent invisible power costs due to “phantom power” consumption. It is a scenario when electric appliances keep consuming a small amount of energy by remaining plugged in, even when they are inactive.