Which Smart Thermostat Fits Best in Your Home?

How Smart Appliances Can Make a Home Energy-Efficient

Is your monthly energy bill out of control? 

Reducing the daily energy consumption of your home will make it both environmentally friendly and can save you significant energy costs every month. 

Lowering your energy consumption can help you change your lifestyle for better, such as wise usage of your appliances, moderating your diet, or changing your habits. 

Installing a few smart and power-efficient tech accessories can transform your home into a ‘smart home.’  

For that, you can integrate a few hi-tech and user-friendly gadgets to lower the electricity consumption of your appliances to achieve cost-efficiency.

Smart Thermostat

One of the most efficient ways to reduce energy bills is using a smart thermostat. 

Instead of keeping your Heating, Venting, and Cooling (HVAC) system running throughout the day or waiting for your place to warm up or cool down when you get home, the thermostat will keep the temperature comfortable for you. 

A device like Google Nest Thermostat automatically controls heating and cooling in your home. It is the first thermostat that has received energy star certification. 

Within a week, the thermostat will figure out the temperature you like in your home during the day and night. 

Conversely, the device will turn off automatically when you step out. In this efficient way, the it will save energy.   

The thermostat comes with sensors and can detect if you are not home. Then the device will find your smartphone location and set itself to eco temperatures to save energy. 

Smart Light Bulbs

Installing smart LED light bulbs is another way to save energy bill and give more control over your home lighting.

You can control smart light bulbs with an iOS or Android app or with your voice command using a smart hub like Amazon Echo.

Your smartphone will work as a remote to turn on or off the lights or dim them to consume less energy. You can also set the lights on a schedule, and the lights will automatically turn off if you accidentally forget to switch them off. 

Different smart bulb brands are available, such as Philips, GE, TP-Link, WB4, etc. All of them have energy-saving features compared to regular bulbs. You can even change the light colours to add a magical ambience to your rooms.

Solar-Powered Battery

Using renewable energies like solar energy is one of the best and easiest ways to lower your energy bill by moving away from traditional electrical energy. 

Installing an external solar battery pack with 3-4 foldable solar panels and two USB ports, you can charge several devices at once. 

A solar battery pack has the highest capacity of 25000mAh, which can fully recharge an iPhone nearly nine times, and an iPad Mini almost 3 ½ half times. 

Charging using solar power may be less efficient than plugging your device into a wall socket. However, setting the solar panel close to a window with the sunlight and keeping your phone plugged into it during the day can get you the best results.

Energy Monitoring Systems

Do you know the process of checking your daily and monthly energy consumption? Usually, you can only see your energy usage in your monthly utility bill, and you don’t have any control over the usage by then.  

An energy monitoring system can help you track how much energy you are using in real-time and help identify where you are wasting most energy and help control the usage. 

Energy monitors such as Eve and Sense can help you review your energy usage patterns and trends and help you make appropriate changes to reduce the energy bill. 

Smart Outlets

If you wish to reduce your energy bill, replacing all your appliances with more energy-efficient ones will take time and cost you a lot. Instead, you can use a Smart Plug that can help you save energy with the optimal use of the appliances. 

Simply plug an appliance into the Smart Plug, and you can turn it off using an app on your iOS or Android smartphone or through Amazon Echo. 

The appliances that you might use throughout the day, such as stoves and microwaves, you can disconnect from the power source using the Smart Plug. 

Besides, you need to plug and unplug your appliances repeatedly. Instead, you can set the Smart Plug to do it automatically. 

The device will turn your appliances off while you are asleep and turn them on before you enter the kitchen. This way, the device will save energy seamlessly without disturbing your routine. 

You can replace all your existing electrical outlets with Amazon or TP-Link smart outlets. With this device, you can schedule fans, lights, and appliances to switch them on and off automatically or control them remotely when not home. 

Closing Words

All these smart devices can make your home energy-efficient by saving the energy bill amid rising energy prices. Smart devices have a simple installation process, and can play a huge role to make your property energy-efficient. 

These devices can also help you prevent leaking money due to “phantom power,” a term that describes appliances that consume a small amount of energy by staying plugged in, even when they are inactive.