Turn your garden into a smart one.

Imagine if you have a beautiful and lush green garden that will soothe your eyes and mind after a hectic day’s work. It will be your relaxing zone, away from all the pollution and clutter. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Your garden will not just be a regular garden, rather a smart garden, which will take care of all the plants all by itself, including watering, lighting, and nutrients.

Turning the concept of a smart garden into a reality requires smart technologies, which can connect your home and smarten up your garden.

Smart technologies will help automate your garden, make it look perfect, where you can spend more time relaxing and need not worry about maintenance routines.
The following smart devices can turn your garden into a smart one:

Smart Sprinkler

The first thing we set our eyes on in a garden is the lush green grass. To keep that green beauty, you need to water the grass regularly. But if you are not too fond of standing with a hosepipe in hand for hours, a smart sprinkler can make things easy for you.

A smart sprinkler controller like WaterSense can save you nearly 8000 gallons of water in a year. On top of it, you will save significant amounts on your water bill.

Smart sprinklers check weather reports and often do data mining from your garden to deliver the optimal amount of water that the grass needs at any point in time. It means these devices can save your time and money, and also get you the benefits of having an eco-friendly system.

Smart Water Monitoring System

Advanced technologies like the Internet of things (IoT) have various applications for plant growth and monitoring.

A smart monitoring system helps to maintain an ideal moisture level and temperature with the moisture sensor and temperature sensor.

Usually, people often spend a lot of time watering the plants, but may not always get the expected plant growth. It is because a lot depends on the water quality.

The moisture sensor and temperature sensor of a smart monitoring system can measure the moisture content and the temperature during automatic watering that is ideal for the plants.

This way, the system creates a suitable condition for plant growth and minimises water consumption.

Smart Soil Sensors

Although water is a major element for the proper growth of plants, without quality soil it is a lost cause.

It is quite difficult to figure out the right moisture and fertiliser levels in the soil. You would also need light intensity and temperature.

Instead of relying on guesswork, you can use a smart soil sensor that will analyse data based on these metrics and send alerts to your smartphone when plants would need watering or feeding. You will also know if light or temperatures are impairing their growth.

Robot Lawn Mower

Lawn mowing is one of the most time-consuming and dreaded of all gardening tasks. However, it is an essential job to maintain your garden.

A robotic lawn mower can give you relief from manual slogging and get you enough time for other tasks. Your friends or neighbours might think you are lazy, but you will have the last laugh when they will see your perfectly mowed garden without you sweating it out.

Before lawn mowing, have a wire boundary in place, so that your robot lawn mower can figure out where it should mow. For example, Lawnbott mower by Robomo can easily mow lawns up to 25,000 square feet.

Smart Assistant

Maintaining the plants in your garden is not an easy task. What about getting a smart assistant to help you maintain your garden like a seasoned gardener?

An autonomous and wireless smart assistant comes with an app that will enable you to care for your plants even when you are away. The smart assistant will automatically water the plants and will let you know about the best location for optimal sunlight.

Some of the smart assistants run on alkaline batteries that you need to change every six months.

Overall, a smart garden assistant will help you to nurture and enjoy a breathtakingly beautiful smart garden.

Smart Garden Lighting

Similar to indoors, outdoor smart lighting for your garden is an easy way of automation. Besides lighting up your patio or the driveway, smart light in the garden can both increase its aesthetic appeal and security.

Companies like Philips Hue have waterproofed outdoor lighting that ranges from single bulbs to more comprehensive wall-mounted lights.

You can even further expand your smart lighting to enhance your landscaping. For example, colour-changing garden lighting or motion-activated floodlights are innovative and can make your garden look mesmerising.

Smart outdoor lighting can make your life easier, and make your garden appear beautiful, along with providing the much-needed security.

Closing Words

There is no perfect way to create a smart garden. It should be an ideal blend of automation to eliminate manual work and enhance its aesthetic beauty at the same time.

You need a customised smart garden that can meet your specific needs. The list of smart devices mentioned in this post might give you some food for thought.