Advantages of Google Home, and why you should have it.

The most researched question for every first-time smart tech buyer is about the smart assistant or home hub – specifically, which brand from the BIG THREE should they opt for? Google, Apple or Amazon. 

The fear of data misuse vies with starting smart home journeys with the most future-ready and compatible assistant. Almost everyone shopping for a smart assistant or smart home controller plans to invest more in intelligent home devices and while interconnectivity is becoming the industry norm they do want to pick the right ecosystem from day one. 

In this article, we will talk about the smart assistant hub/speaker from one of the big three – Google Home. 

Why do you need Google Home or any other smart assistant.

A smart speaker or assistant is like the central hub of a wheel which connects all the spokes and gets them working together. It is a home hub controller, smart assistant AND a nice speaker all rolled into one! If you are even semi-serious about smart home tech, an assistant is a MUST.

Google Home, like its competitors, can be used as a speaker, as well as a voice controller to engage with the Internet or other applications and smart devices. For the non-Apple user, vary of Amazon’s aggressive and privacy compromised business strategy, Google would seem like the best option. While the choice is yours and very personal, here are some reasons why we like Google Home.

Conversational Maverick.

It has the incredible advantage of Google’s years of search experience which makes it one of the best voice search tools in the market. It has access to the entire Google knowledge graph and this along with its evolved AI algorithms gives Google Assistant the ability to answer specific questions (3 in a line) and manage evolved conversations with follow up questions – something other voice-controlled hubs are lagging behind on. 

It is affordable.

It is great value for money as the entry price is far more affordable than other players. However, this affordability doesn’t interfere with your experience as it still provides ALL the premier features of the Google ecosystem. The range – especially after their brand tie-up with Nest – is quite extensive which makes it quite easy for homeowners to scale up to more exciting (and expensive) models incrementally.

Compatible and feature-rich.

Google is in for the long haul and is going all out in investing and creating its ecosystem. The Google Home is compatible with tens of thousands of devices, applications, and online services and comes with a complete list of features controlled through the Google Home App. Another useful feature is that as a WiFi-enabled speaker it can stream music directly from the cloud.

Ultimately, your choice of smart speakers or smart assistant home hub will be guided by your brand preferences. If you are using several Google services or sites such as YouTube or GSuite them buying into the Google Home ecosystem might be the right choice for you. Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are two other options in the field – our advice would be to look at all three closely before you make your choice.