Free setup and tech support drive smart-home product sales.

Brands looking to cash in on the growing adoption of smart home devices – expected to reach over EUR $250 billion by 2026 – need to know what drives their customers to purchase smart home devices. Statista estimates that penetration of smart home devices in Europe will reach 26,8 percent in 2025, and this estimate does not include devices such as smart televisions. 

Consumers venturing into the world of a smart, connected home are intimidated by the sheer complexity of integrating connected systems and devices. Users of home digital assistants for playing music or asking weather questions are not trained in the integration of smart home devices and brands need to ensure that their technology is properly installed and works and is not a source of frustration for the consumer. 

A recent survey by Parks Associates revealed that after price and cybersecurity certification, the top incentives for purchasing a smart home device are:

– Product offers free 24/7 technical support for the first year of ownership
– Product comes with a service to help set up and configure the device

Regardless of what smart home device a customer is interested in purchasing, smart brands know that including installation options at the point of purchase increases sales, and knowing there is tech support available for their product greatly increases customer loyalty. 

The smart home and IoT are becoming increasingly complex – requiring pro assistance.

IoT is becoming increasingly complex, the smart home now includes sophisticated sensors that monitor and control everything from water usage to air quality. The smart home of the future will have over 50 connected devices, all requiring professional monitoring and maintenance. Brands need to have tech support partners they can trust to build brand loyalty and trust. 

Some homeowners start with a home security system and then add smart lighting for an extra layer of security. Others may begin with connected heating and cooling systems that increase energy efficiency and cost savings. All of these systems require a trained professional for installation and configuration and also for instructing the buyer on the use of the product’s app.

Smart home consultations drive sales.

Brands that offer free smart home consultations by trained professionals also see an increase in sales, one Mila brand partner saw these consultations convert into sales conversions of 65 percent. Trained technicians come onsite and evaluate existing devices and systems and then advise the customer on what devices and brands will work best with what they have, or introduce the customer to new devices and brands. 

Mila’s team of over 10,000 trained Mila Pros and Mila Friends frequently sell additional devices to customers when installing new devices or when repairing or troubleshooting existing devices. Having an experienced tech workforce as an extension of your brand ensures that your customers get to enjoy their technology and know that help is there when they need it.