How to stay motivated when working from home.

While the first days of working from home can turn into the discovery of a new ideal flexible work lifestyle, it can also later, turn into a nightmare. How to stay productive, set boundaries, we share with you our experience.

Whether you work professionally from home or have allotted a separate space for your creative outlets and craft, inspiration is vital for getting your creativity flowing and getting things done. However, sometimes a home office setup can end up being the most neglected space; messy and unfriendly environment like a couch, kitchen, or even the bed. To help you create and update your own inspiring space, here are a few neat tips to both making the space dynamic and welcoming whilst simultaneously increasing productivity.

Let us look at the lifestyle changes involved in a home office setup.

Set your daily routine as if you're still going to work.

Try and stick to the set routines that you were following before, as much as possible. You are habituated to the home being a space for relaxation, so that habit needs to be updated. At your home, you’re used to watching. To stay productive even at home, you'll need to set a routine and avoid daytime TV and having lazy mornings, try to wake up at a certain time, and then set your lunchtime, dinner time, exercise time, and go without saying work time.

Maintain open communication with your colleagues.

When in a home office setup, you should take extra effort to stay connected with your team and colleagues. Video calls are not possible all the time for everyone, but sometimes, it is worth the benefit of seeing your colleagues and having both formal and informal discussions. One can use email for more formal sharing of information, documents, or resources. Instant messaging is another good option for quick communication that needs an immediate response.

Regulate yourself for motivation.

It's often harder to feel productive when alone. To combat this downside to working from home alone all day, you can talk to family or other inhabitants in your vicinity to avoid anxiety and depression. Avoid spending long hours at your desk, walking around your home or outside your home for a quick break is a good idea to keep your body moving and refreshed. It greatly increases productivity when you get back to work.

Segment out tasks according to their urgency, make a list, and streamline all chores, both related to work or otherwise. It also sends a good message to your employer about you maintaining a set schedule for work and home. Do not overcompensate and avoid staying logged in 24/7 just because you have access to work anytime.

Personalize your space.

Your space should reflect your personality and inspire you, so don't be afraid to go all out. Add splashes of color, incorporate nature, or completely remodel the space with the one goal being your comfort and productivity. Decorate with images that speak to you — even if you're crunching numbers all day. The organization is key; nobody functions well in a messy home office setup.

Important tools to boost your productivity.

Video Conferencing Apps:
· Slack (group chat)
· Zoom (video quality & reliability)
· Google Hangouts (clear, quick group video calls & chat)

Project Management Software:
· Asana (daily work assignments and work progress graphs)
· Monday (track the results of your assigned tasks)
· Insightly (manage your contacts and work projects)

Design & Development Tools:
· GitHub (free development tool for coders)
· Adobe Creative Cloud (design tool with features such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)
· Atom (free to use text editor tool)