We consult and install Bosch Smart Home, when and where you need it.

Just a few steps away from Bosch Smart Home

1/ Book your Bosch installation service

Simply book the relevant service package, and indicate a date, time and place where you want to complete the installation. Mila pairs you right away with a suitable service technician.

2/ We install and consult for Bosch devices

A qualified Mila service technician comes to your place and guides you every step of the way so that you can discover and use Bosch smart devices to its full potential.

3/ Rate & enjoy

After the consultation, the Mila technician will leave you with instructions on how to purchase your Bosch smart appliances. If you need assistance with the installation, let us know!

What Mila offers

1/ Fast

We solve tech challenges, when and wherever needed, quickly. Thanks to a glocal gig community, requests are assigned within minutes and completed within hours.

2/ Reliable

Technicians are vetted and tested on their know-how so they solely complete services they can excel in. Customers only pay upon full satisfaction - happiness guaranteed. 

3/ Convenient

No need to call for quotes, wait in a queue, or send the device, we offer on-demand support, at one’s fingertips. On-site or remotely, the customer decides the date and time.

4/ Fair

With our transparent, upfront and all-inclusive pricing, there is no surprise by the bill. The customer and technician are aligned and know what to expect at all times.