Soundbar/Speaker Setup

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45 Minutes (estimate)
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52 €
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  • Assesment of installation area.
  • Installation and setup of the device.
  • Connection to Smart TV or other sources.
  • Wifi or bluetooth connection when required.
  • A brief tutorial.

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Most smart TV manufacturers sell soundbars that are especially suited to the respective TV. Find out more on the manufacturer's website for your smart TV.

Most soundbars have an audio menu where you can optimise the characteristics for TV output and music playback.

When choosing the right soundbar for your TV, you'll have the least difficulty with the compatible products from your TV manufacturer. However, many renowned loudspeaker manufacturers also have excellent soundbars on the market. It's best to do some research ahead of time on the internet or contact your local specialist dealer.

The soundbar loudspeaker system can be connected analogue via the cinch socket, digitally via an HDMI cable or optically via a TOSLINK or S/PDIF.

Nowadays, many televisions are very thin and therefore cannot house powerful and rich sounding speakers. Therefore, many manufacturers opt for smaller speakers which tend to have dialogue that sounds muffled and little to no bass. An actual speaker setup will offer you a much wider and clearer soundstage with powerful bass to back it up.

Soundbar/Speaker Setup
52 €