Windows Computer Installation

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60 Minutes (estimate)
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62 €
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Service information

  • Computer unboxing and updates installation.
  • Connection to your home wifi / lan network.
  • Standard software (e.g. MS Office, Adobe) installation.
  • Social/email accounts creation.
  • Brief tutorial.
  • Note: The cost of programs/software are paid by the customer.

Learn more

Go to the Microsoft Store and download the desktop version of WhatsApp. Then follow the installation wizard.

Find the desktop version of iTunes in the Microsoft Store. Download and install it.

You can go into the search in your taskbar and write "cmd" and press "enter". After that a black prompt window should open, you can then type "system info" into this window and hit "enter" again. This should give you a readout of all relevant data of your installation.

Nowadays, most computers don't have a CD/DVD drive anymore and require you to prepare a USB stick for installation. This USB stick should have at least 8GB of storage. You can download a Windows installer onto this USB stick using Microsoft's Media Creation Tool. Make sure the existing data is backed up before doing this as this will format the USB stick.

The latest version of Windows, being Windows 10, already comes with an adequate antivirus and firewall solution, there you will not require additional protection, unless you want to use a different solution.

Windows Computer Installation
62 €