Fritz!Box Router Setup

62 € / 60 min.

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60 Minutes (estimate)
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62 €
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Service information

  • Installation of Fritz!Box router.
  • Configuration of internet access for end devices, like PC, notebook, smartphone, TV.
  • IP landline telephone setup, if ordered.
  • A brief tutorial.

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The security of a router marketed in Europe depends on two factors: Is the firmware regularly updated to respond to new threats and to eliminate new dangers? And has the user taken advantage of all of the router's security precautions such as creating (new) passwords only after a reset or deactivating UPnP if possible? You can change your WLAN password regularly for additional security.

Most known routers have the following options for restricting usage: you can specify internet usage time for individual devices or you can create access profiles which only allow access to certain pages. Usage time can also be logged and you can see which pages were visited in the log of the browser used. A specific user profile for children can also be created and monitored in the operating system. Various providers also offer software solutions.

Our Mila partners will help you quickly and easily. The FRITZ!Box comes with a printed quick guide and a detailed CD. Regardless, a wizard guides the experienced user directly through the setup in the user interface. In case any other problems arise, the FRITZ!Box manufacturer, AVM, offers internet advice and a comprehensive range of services which should cover any question you might have about problems and special features. You can't be bothered to take care of it or haven't got the time? Simply book directly on our website.

Basically, a router is designed to work 24/7 around the clock for several years. It's very important that you follow the operating instructions. Make sure the ventilation slots aren't blocked to avoid thermal shutdowns. Only use the original power adaptor. Some routers have alternative operating systems that allow other settings which may cause the router to crash.

Fritz!Box Router Setup
62 €