What is extra with the new Samsung Smartphone: the S21?

Samsung released their latest smartphone: S21. Is it worth the investment? What new features are there? How different is it compared to the S20? We give all the answers, so you choose wisely your next Samsung purchase.

In this post, our focus would be on the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 series, which is the flagship smartphone model of the South Korean electronics giant. In 2020, Samsung tested the water to attract ultra-premium buyers. However, in 2021, the company is set to a more scattered audience by introducing Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S21 series on January 14, 2021, a bit earlier than expected due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The company opened pre-orders for all three models on January 14, and the phones began hitting stores on January 29, 2021 (Friday).

Screen size, battery and camera capacity.

Out of the three Samsung Galaxy S21 models, S21 Ultra has the most powerful features but comes with the steepest price. Ultra has the largest display of 6.8”, a massive battery at 5,000mAh, and the coolest cameras with a primary 108MP sensor. The phone also has 16GB of RAM. For people, who are eager to shift to a 5G network, this phone is ideal.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S21 Plus is on the middle ground. This phone is marginally smaller with a 6.7” display, and has a tad lower 4,800 mAh battery. S21 Plus comes with three rear cameras and its 8GB RAM is half of Ultra’s capacity. You would also lose out on several of those high-end features.

The last one in the series, the Galaxy S21 is the smallest with a 6.2” display. This phone is relatively palm- and pocket-friendly than the other two. Although, you will get the same specs as the S21 Plus sans the battery capacity, which is significantly lower at 4,000 mAh. Also, the rear material of the phone has “Glasstic” instead of true glass.

Most of the additions in S21 are in the software, which includes the ability to take 8K stills from the video, Vlogger View, and the Director's View. Besides, the “Single Take” feature will add more to its camera-friendly options.

What does the public think.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is just about a couple of months old since its launch in January. This is why there is not a ton of user-generated data regarding them. Still, there is a pie chart by Android Authority (Android news website) that shows some interesting data to potential buyers.

The website ran a poll asking people about their opinion on the designs and specs
of S21 series phones.

So, what can we figure out from this pie chart? It shows more than 50% of the respondents like the designs of Galaxy S21 phones, which is encouraging. If we also consider people who did not exactly warm up to the designs, it is a significant 85% of people who think Samsung has done a decent job with its 2021 flagship smartphones.

Overall, the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus are not as versatile and feature-studded as the S21 Ultra. However, these two smartphones can be a good fit for the average buyers. Even professional photographers who can take high-quality snaps with the sensors would likely produce some breathtaking images and videos. On top of it, both the models are 5G-capable.