Code of Conduct


Principles to ensure fair cooperation between crowdsourcing platforms and crowdworkers

Digitalisation is having major effects on our society, and in particular on the world of work. New models of employment and forms of cooperation are emerging, which are influencing and causing changes for both individuals and employers as well as social institutions and customers. Crowdsourcing or crowdworking – i.e. the outsourcing of orders to a large number of interested parties – is a result of this development. In recent years this new form of work has become increasingly prevalent and has now become established as a fixed element within the world of work as well as within wider society.

This Code of Conduct sets out the principles endorsed by Mila AG. The objective is to set out a body of principles that are generally applicable to each individual's involvement in crowdwork, in addition to those laid down by law, thereby creating a basis for engagement between platform operators and crowdworkers that is characterised by trust and fairness. The Code of Conduct is provided as a guide and is intended to contribute to establishing crowdworking as a new win-win form of work for all parties involved, thereby unlocking the full potential of this new form of work.

Mila is constantly striving to create fair conditions for the crowdworkers. We have therefore created this Code of Conduct together with the trade unions Syndicom and Transfair.