Wifi Signal Extension

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  • Wifi signal-extender setup.
  • Secure network configuration.
  • Connection of devices to the network.
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The signal itself cannot be amplified although additional transmitters can be set up whether they be “range extenders” or a mesh system. It greatly increases the coverage area of the WLAN network. You can also use a discarded WLAN router to extend the WLAN. Range extenders and additional routers must be physically connected to the router and set up. "Radio repeaters" in a "mesh" are set up wirelessly and centrally from the router.

There are several ways to amplify the WLAN signal. One possibility is to add additional "access points" to an area that is not yet covered by the WLAN signal. Another option is so-called "range extenders". These are small devices that are usually connected to the router via the power line that replicate the WLAN network. The most modern solution right now is the so-called "mesh" system. With this variant, small "radio repeaters" are wirelessly coupled to the modem in order to significantly increase the WLAN coverage area. It involves minimal setup effort.

Wifi Signal Extension
CHF 84