Lighting to install?

Book a Mila service technician for installing your Lumimart lighting.

How can we help you?

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Just a few steps to your goal

1) Book the installation

Book a date, time, and relevant service package. Mila pairs you then right away with a competent service technician.

2) Get your lighting installed

Your Mila service technician contacts you by phone for a preliminary assessment. He then comes to your place and mounts your lighting as wished.

3) Pay, evaluate & enjoy

Once the job is completed, the last step is to pay and rate.

Not satisfied with the job done? Contact our customer support – You don’t pay until the service has been completed to your satisfaction.

What does Mila offer?

1/ Fast

Get in contact with your technician within one day

2/ Reliable

You pay only upon successful service

3/ Convenient

You define time & date – we will be there to support

4/ Fair

Transparent & all-inclusive pricing from the start