Book a NETGEAR expert

Setup, wall-mounting and troubleshooting, a NETGEAR expert assists you when and where you need it — fast.

Our Friends are qualified NETGEAR experts.

Besides an identity and background check, our Friends have completed a NETGEAR training so we can ensure that you only receive high-quality, reliable tech support for your devices.

Friends will help you with installing, wall-mounting your NETGEAR device, but also with setting it up so it fits your lifestyle, while walking you through each step so you know how to get the full potential from your NETGEAR device.

You're 3 Clicks Aways From Your Goal

1/ Tell us how and when we can help

Select the service, enter your contact details and indicate when you want a Mila Friend to assist you. We will instantly pair you with a local trustworthy technician, who will contact you per phone within 24 hours.

2/ Get your device setup as you wish

The Friend comes by at your convenience, installs your device as you want and answers all your questions. Do you have additional devices or requests? Well, let the Friend know about it and get it done in a snap.

3/ Rate, pay and enjoy your tech

Upon a successful setup, the payment is triggered and you are invited to evaluate the service quality with leaving a testimonial for future users. Then, the thing left to do is to start enjoying your tech...enjoying life.