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Make sure you have port forwarded all the relevant ports of your NAS to allow for connections to pass through the firewall of your router. This should allow you to then access your NAS outside of your home network in public. Some NAS manufacturers offer alternative solutions to connect to your NAS outside of your home, make sure to check your manufacturers manual or website for more information.

Over time some drives may seize to operate, if the data that was stored on that drive wasn't backed up, it will in most cases be gone. If this data is highly important and isn't retrievable in other ways, you can consider trying to get it recovered by a recovery specialist/company. If you have a backup or your drives are configured in a correct RAID configuration you can simply replace the drive and the data will be copied over from the first drive or the backup.

In most cases this can be attributed to less powerful network connection or weaker processor in the NAS device. This means all files will generally load slowly, if you know the issue is network related we can refer you to our network troubleshooting service here. If you want to upgrade your network anyway with new devices you can have one of our technicians install them here.

NAS Troubleshooting
CHF 144