Windows 10 Upgrade with data backup

CHF 144 / 90 min.
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90 Minutes (estimate)
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CHF 144
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  • Carefree Package – Insured for any damage up to CHF 2,000

Service information

  • Identification of critical files/data that need backup.
  • Backup to customer-provided drive or cloud.
  • Installation of a new operating system and updates.
  • Installation of all necessary drivers.
  • Brief tutorial.

Please note:

Price does not include the operating system licence. The duration of the service is approx. 90min. In case more time is needed for data backup (depending on the volume of data and device parameters), Mila partner may add additional time and cost with the customer’s consent.

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Usually this is possible either directly through the file explorer or through the backup software that used to create the backup.

All types of data can be backed up, in most cases even the whole operating system including the software that was previously installed.

Usually, the amount of data that can be backed up is limited by the storage of the backup solution. If you for instance want the backup all of the data of your main drive on your computer, the place where you want to store your data has to be as big or bigger in terms of storage size to accommodate this data.

Windows 10 Upgrade with data backup
CHF 144