Refrigerator Installation (small)

*CHF 104 / 60 Min.
* Maximum price estimate. The final price will be set with your Mila Friend.

If you need to install and set up a modern refrigerator, this Mila service can help you. Our experts have experience installing large refrigerators even without instructions.

Service information

  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Service provided by a Mila Friend.**
  • Assessment of installation area.
  • Installation and placement of the device.
  • Device startup and configuration.
  • A brief tutorial.
  • Note: Device with dimensions of up to 85x60x60 cm and/or not more than 20kg of weight.
**Mila Friends are technically skilled private and independently working persons who help people in their neighborhood with technical issues.


It should be located near a socket so that no extension cables are required. The space between the back of the refrigerator and the wall has to be big enough to avoid heat accumulation on the heat exchanger. Refrigerators should be aligned for the doors of your new device to work better. It also ensures that the compressor bearings are always lubricated. For more information, please refer to the operating instructions. After installing the refrigerator, you should give the coolant 24 hours to flow back to the compressor.

Depending on how the refrigerator was transported, it may be necessary for the cooling liquids and oils in the refrigerator to first flow back into the compressor. As a rule of thumb, though, new refrigerators are transported vertically instead of horizontally like they used to be. Let the device stand up for 24 hours before using it if you're unsure.

Different compartments to store different foods helps keep them fresh longer. The so-called "zero-degree zone" with 50% humidity is ideal for storing sausage, meat and fish. It's best to store fruit and vegetables around 5 °C and at 90% humidity. It's important that the glass shelves can be adjusted in many ways; the same applies to the bottle holder and door compartments. It's best to have the smoothest possible surfaces inside and out for optimal cleaning. Good lighting is also important. Bonus points: temperature displays and settings you can see from the outside when the door is closed.

Refrigerator Installation (small)
*CHF 104