Remote Support for Phone & Mobile

*CHF 25 / 15 min.
5.0 / 5

Payment only upon full satisfaction

Set date & time of your preference

Transparent and all-inclusive pricing

Facts & Figures

15 Minutes (estimate)
Mila Friend
CHF 25
Maximum price estimate. The final price will be set with your Mila Friend.
  • Full support from our customer service
  • A preliminary assessment by phone shortly after
  • Carefree Package – Insured for any damage up to CHF 2,000

Service information

  • Individual help with installing, setting up, or fixing issues of your phone or mobile.
  • All phones, mobiles, and smartphones are supported, including all brands.
  • Each extra 15 minutes will be charged additionally (CHF 20.-*/15 min).

Please note:

A Mila Friend will contact you to discuss your tech challenge more in details, within 24 hours. In this call, you will decide if you complete the service by phone or video call. The Mila Friend will also give you a time estimation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before the service takes place your Mila technician will call you to quickly evaluate if the issue or task can be resolved remotely. If the issue can not be resolved on the phone you still have the option of booking an on-site support. If you need some assistance with booking, contact our customer service team.

No, the technician will guide you every step of the way so your challenge is smoothly solved. Within 24 hours after booking, your Mila technician will contact you by phone to assess your request and make sure everything is ready when the remote support happens. Overall, make sure to keep an eye on your email or SMS inbox so you do not miss out on any update from Mila or from the technician.

When you book your remote service, we initially offer a 15 minute package. Your Mila technician will assess how much time is required depending on the issue or setup you need help with and communicate with you within 24 hours after the booking. As an indication, remote support usually lasts half an hour.

Mila offers help with setting up and troubleshooting of certain devices (TV, computer, laptop, phone, wifi, smart home devices) via a phone call or video call. A qualified Mila technician will walk you through installation or troubleshooting steps, and give answers to your questions. The Mila technician can also arrange to access your device remotely to directly fix the issue or install/configure software, upon your approval.

At Mila, you only pay for a successful service. Once the service is complete you will receive an email and if you do not decide to raise an issue via the email, the service will automatically be confirmed as completed, in the following 72 hours.

Certain support or troubleshooting packages have the option to be conducted using a remote desktop software such as Teamviewer, here the technician can do everything for you. But in other cases, if you feel like you are incapable of describing the issue or steps correctly and understandably, we would recommend you to refrain from the remote support and to get an on-site support.

Remote Support for Phone & Mobile
*CHF 25