Telephony Troubleshooting

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The troubleshooting depends on the type of connection you have. If you have a copper cable, don't forget to connect the microfilter. HD phones have to be connected directly to the router. For IP and fibre optic connections, the phone and potential fax machine including an associated cable and possibly a necessary adapter are connected to the router. Settings such as assigning phone numbers are done in the router. Would you like to save some time? Then simply book our Mila service and have a professional come to your home.

In general, the "Call waiting" function is also called "Parallel calling" and can be activated on your provider's website.

Telephone providers usually have something referred to as a call filter. You can use it to block both national and international numbers. You can also block an entire area such as an international area code.

Telephony Troubleshooting
CHF 84