Ring Battery Video Doorbell Installation

CHF 84 / 45 min.

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Facts & Figures

45 Minutes (estimate)
Ring expert
CHF 84
Maximum price estimate. The final price will be set with your Mila Friend.
  • Journey of service technicians
  • Full support from our customer service
  • A preliminary assessment by phone shortly after
  • Carefree Package – Insured for any damage up to CHF 2,000

Service information

  • Assessment of installation area.
  • Doorbell mounting on a wall.
  • Mobile app setup on customer’s device.
  • Initial configuration.
  • Function test and brief tutorial.
  • Note: A sufficient Wifi connection is necessary for the functionality of the device.
  • This service is not suitable for the installation of a wired video doorbell. Electrical or wiring services are not included nor allowed.

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The Ring Video Doorbell is an intelligent, internet-enabled doorbell that notifies the homeowner's smartphone or other electronic device when a visitor arrives at the door. It gets activated when the visitor presses the doorbell button, or alternatively when the doorbell detects a visitor with its built-in motion sensors.

A video and intercom system can also be accessed via a smartphone app using the built-in high-resolution infrared camera and microphone.

No connection to the Ring network:
Sometimes your phone can't recognize the temporary Ring network immediately. When this happens, go to your phone settings, turn off your wireless connection, wait 30 seconds and turn it on again. If the Ring network still does not appear, make sure the battery in the Ring Doorbell is fully charged.

No motion alarms received:
First, make sure that you have configured motion detection and that motion alerts are turned on. To troubleshoot other notification issues, select the device status in the Ring app and then select "Troubleshoot notifications".

The device shows white flashing light (right):
White flashing at the top indicates that your wireless password has been entered incorrectly. Select your wireless network in your phone settings, select the option to ignore it, and then reconnect to make sure you use the correct password during setup.

The device shows rotating white light:
Rotating white indicates that your Ring Doorbell is in Setup mode. Follow the instructions in the Ring app.

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In the meantime, you have access to your personal dashboard via your customer account, from where you can keep track of the service and manage everything.

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Ring Battery Video Doorbell Installation
CHF 84