Activating your home connection (transfer point) (Professional)

CHF 129 / 30 Min.

Service information

  • Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Service provided by a Mila Pro.**
  • Note: As a customer, please coordinate access to the connection box in the building (e.g. organize the caretaker of the building). Please have details ready for your connection. These have been provided to you by Swisscom.
  • Arrival of the Mila Professional.
  • Preparation of the connection according to Swisscom's specifications.
  • Perform a connection test in the apartment / house and check whether the router is synchronised.
  • Other services not included in the scope of services can be booked directly with the Mila Professional if time is available. These services need to be signed by the customer in the Mila App.
**Mila Pros are part of a professional service provided by Mila. They have a strong expertise and take on more complex service orders.
Activating your home connection (transfer point) (Professional)
CHF 129