Network Provider Home Package Setup

*CHF 104 / 60 Min.
* Maximum price estimate. The final price will be set with your Mila Friend.

For digital television via the network, you have to set up the Internet TV provider. Enjoy HD channels and TiVo television in no time: just book the Mila service.

Service information

  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Service provided by a Mila Friend.**
  • Installation of internet box/router.
  • Configuration of internet access for end devices.
  • Set up necessary logins.
  • Installation of TV Box.
  • Set up landline telephone (IP) (if ordered).
  • Supported network providers include: Swisscom, Sunrise, UPC, Quickline and others.
**Mila Friends are technically skilled private and independently working persons who help people in their neighborhood with technical issues.


With a bandwidth of 16Mbit, you can enjoy HD IPTV without any problems. At 50Mbit, you can watch HD on two receivers. Stable UHD is an option starting at 100Mbit. Costs vary depending on the provider and scope. However, there are also free providers that are financed by advertising.

Modern televisions often have the "PVR" (Personal Video Recorder) function which can be used to record programs received by the TV receiver. Set-top boxes or their providers usually offer a similar service.

You can receive digital television either via antenna (DVB-T/T2), via cable (DVB-C) or via satellite (DVB-S) with a modern television. However, you can also get reception from the internet (IPTV). You need a set-top box for that option. You can also enjoy digital television on a PC, laptop or a modern mobile phone or tablet with the appropriate app.

Network Provider Home Package Setup
*CHF 104