4G/5G Router Installation

CHF 84 / 45 min.

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Facts & Figures

45 Minutes (estimate)
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CHF 84
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  • Journey of service technicians
  • Full support from our customer service
  • A preliminary assessment by phone shortly after
  • Carefree Package – Insured for any damage up to CHF 2,000

Service information

  • This installation service is for the following products:
  • LBR20, LAX20, NBK752
  • Unpacking the devices
  • Positioning the router towards an LTE or radio antenna
  • Inserting the SIM card(4G or 5G depending on the router chosen), provided by the customer
  • If the 4G/5G router is installed as a backup, connect the Netgear router to the box or to the existing router (choice of fibre or ADSL internet connection)
  • Deactivation of the current WiFi
  • Installation of a router in the application or browser
  • Setting up a new network
  • Connect up to 3 devices to the new network
  • Creating a guest network
  • Explanation on how to connect devices to WiFi (if named differently, otherwise done automatically)
  • Introduction to the basic functions of the Orbi or Nighthawk application (password, name, speed test and network overview)
  • Demonstration of the Armor Cyber Security application (free 30 day trial)
  • Demonstration of the Parental Control application (LBR20 only)

Please note:

Note: a 4G or 5G SIM card must be available and you must be in a 4G or 5G coverage area (you can check your coverage at https://www.cartoradio.fr). Access data to the existing box or router must be easily accessible (if you want to keep your existing hardware).
4G/5G Router Installation
CHF 84