Google Home

Create your own Smart Home with Google Home

Next generation of home

How about remotely operating all of your devices at home no matter where you are in world? Or how about letting your personal digital assistant help you with cooking using a simple voice command?

How can Google Home help me?

  • Transfer/control content to your Smart TV. When you are connected to Google Home, nothing is simpler than watching your favorite films, series, or documentaries.

  • Ask any questions. Your Google assistant answers you everything about common knowledge, current affairs, weather, and more.

  • Command by voice. Your voice is enough to dim lamps and lights or even adjust the temperature of the heating.

How does a Google Home system work?

With an easy-to-use app, you can manage, set up, and operate all of your smart and Wi-Fi-connected devices through the Google Home System.

Adding devices to your Google ecosystem is quick and easy. If you already have a compatible Smart Home device and the necessary app installed on your phone, then Google Home will automatically suggest compatible devices in your area. You can also give your devices a nickname for better understanding. Just call the light above the dining table "Sunshine".

Frequently asked questions

Your Smart Home Consultant will arrive at your home explain and carry out an agenda that will include a deep need find, a technical survey, explanation of possible products as well as demonstrating their value, will make recommendations on solutions based on their findings, will work with you on agreeing on next steps, and finish by formulating a proposal.

Yes as long as you are using an Android smartphone and keep the software version up to date.

The systems are very secure. The more up-to-date your software and the more complex your password is, the less likely it is to be hacked. Also keep the number of people who have your access data to a minimum. This also reduces the probability of being hacked.

If you are an owner and user of Apple products, i.e. you own an iPhone, iPad and/or Mac, you already have the most important requirements to use Apple HomeKit. Google Home is better suited if you have an Android smartphone and a Windows PC or Chromebook.

There is a savings potential of up to 30% with a smart heating system. Electricity and water can also be saved in a Smart Home. Some insurance companies grant a discount for security systems.