Apple Settings You Did Not Know About

Apple’s iPhone has many features, and most people know the usual ones only. However, iPhones have more features or lesser-known settings than you can imagine, like secret treasures strewn behind that simple-looking interface. 

Let’s check out some of the hidden Apple settings you did not know.

1. Setting your default web browser

Apple is a bit sneaky about the web browser in the settings. So, first, you open Settings, and currently, your default browser is Safari. 

Now, scroll down and go to Open Settings and tap on Safari. Here you cannot change your preferred browser because it's set as Safari.

Now, go to Chrome >> Default web browser >> Tap on it >> Select Chrome.

Now, you have changed your default browser to Chrome.

2. Share location

Did you know you can quickly share your location with your friends using iPhones? 

Go to the Messages app >> Open the message thread >> Type “I'm at" >> Tap Space >> Tap your current Location. That’s it. The app will send your location.

3. Prioritize specific downloads

If you regularly download several apps, you can set your iPhone (except SE) to complete the download-specific apps first. 

Go to the home screen >> Select the apps you want to put first in the download queue >> Tap 3D Touch >> Choose to Prioritize Download from the available options.

4. Voice control

The Voice Control feature on the iPhone will help you open and navigate apps, lock your screen, and do other things. 

To activate the voice control feature, go to Settings >> Accessibility >> Voice Control >>Set up Voice Control >>Finish the setup

By tapping Customize Commands, you can get a list of built-in voice commands or create your custom voice command. 

We suggest you enable the Show Hints feature first on your iPhone, which will recommend commands based on your activities.

5. Slide to text

The Slide to text on your iPhone will allow you to write text messages or emails by sliding from one letter to the next and creating words instead of composing by tapping each letter. 

To use this feature, slide your finger through relevant letters until you form a word. It may need some practice, but you can compose texts much faster.

To enable it, go to Settings >> General >> Keyboard >> Turn on Slide to Type.

6. Find Emoji faster

Instead of looking for hundreds of emojis on your iPhone to give the perfect reaction, you can use your words and turn them into images. 

Open Messages, type a text or line and tap the emoji button on the left side of the spacebar. All the words that you will replace with emojis will turn orange. 

7. Free up Space Deleting Apps

If your iPhone has too many apps, which occupy a lot of space, you can delete some unused apps to free up space. You can do that fast. Go to Settings >> Tap General >> Select iPhone Storage >> Enable the option Offload Unused Apps. 

8. Robocall Silencer

Those telemarketing calls or Robocalls are simply annoying. The good news is you can block those calls with a built-in iPhone feature called Robocall Silencer.

To activate, go to Settings >> Choose Phone >> Enable Silence Unknown Callers. Now, all the unsolicited calls from unknown numbers will go to your voicemail without a ring. You can delete them later.

9. Activate QR code scanning

The Apple settings will allow you to use your iPhone camera as a QR scanner. Go to Settings >>Tap Camera >> Turn the Scan QR Codes. Now, you can use your camera as usual, but when you pan it over QR codes, it will scan them automatically.

10. Stop web trackers

Advertisers use embedded ads to track the browsing activities of Internet users. It means they pry into your privacy. To prevent that, you can use the latest version of Safari on iOS 11. This feature will limit the sites’ ability to monitor your browsing activities. 

To activate it, go to Settings >> Tap Safari >> Enable the Prevent Cross-Site Tracking option. While using this Safari menu, it will also let you block pop-up ads.

11. Send Money via Messages

Did you know you can send money to another iPhone user with just a tap? That’s right. Apple has integrated the Apple Pay service with iOS, including the Messages app. 

When you type a dollar amount during a chat, it will pop up as underlined. By tapping the underlined number, you can send money to another user. However, before transferring the amount, you need to double-check the amount.

12. Notes Scanning

The Notes Scanning feature of your iPhone will allow you to scan and send a document.

Go to the Notes app >> Open a new note >> Press the Camera icon at the bottom >> Choose Scan Documents.

Then keep your document on a flat and clearly visible surface, and take a snap. Touch Keep Scan >> Save the document.