The Best Tech Made in 2022

The year 2022 is about to bid adieu. Similar to the past years, this year also had its share of achievements, especially in technology realm. In this post-pandemic era, widespread digitisation has led to new experiments to solve day-to-day problems. 

New technological inventions get momentum with evolving human civilization. These technological breakthroughs make our lives hassle-free and better.

In this post, we have compiled some of the best technologies made in 2022, which are both innovative and useful. Here we go.

Robotic Friend for Elder Care

The first on the list is the Chaperone robot that has been developed to help elderly people overcome their loneliness and social isolation after the pandemic. 

Although most other bots need prompting, ElliQ is proactive. The AI-enabled and voice-operated robot initiates conversations and helps its elderly human friend lead a healthy life, both physically and mentally.  

The robot also tracks conversations, takes notes of health conditions, and can contact care specialists and emergency contacts during emergencies. 

ElliQ is designed for retired and lonely elderly individuals 65 years and up. The robot is like a lightweight device that only requires a power plug and Wi-Fi.

Digital Braille - Polly

Visually impaired children who learn braille in a classroom, their teachers can assess and let them know how they have fared. However, many students don’t have braille readers to get the same help. 

Now, American Printing House and Thinkerbell Labs have invented a Wi-Fi-powered device called “Polly” to help braille learners by providing audio feedback on the spot. The device also enables teachers to give assignments to students and evaluate their work remotely. 

Instead of using a standard plastic or metal slate with paper, children can learn to write and rectify their mistakes using hi-tech braille slate and stylus of Polly.

Automated 3D Rendering

Usually, creating 3D scenes need specialized equipment, skills, significant time and cost. Now, with the help of NVIDIA Instant NeRF, 3D rendering takes a few photos and much lesser time. 

This award-winning automated 3D rendering tool is free for non-commercial purposes. It can process static images or video files into 3D rendered and realistic-looking scenes with its AI-based technology, named neural radiance fields (NeRF). 

According to Alexander Keller, Director of Research, NVIDIA, NeRF could eventually be as crucial to 3D graphics similar to the importance of digital cameras in modern photography. 

Currently, thousands of 3D content creators and developers have already downloaded Instant NeRF’s codebase since its launch earlier this year.

BMW Colour-Changing Car

In 2022, BMW launched an innovative colour-changing technology that is perfect for super-spy Hollywood flicks. The car model is the BMW iX Flow, which is an all-electric SUV and comes equipped with E Ink's flexible colour display and independent control in the sections of the body panels. 

It is the same display technology we see in the Kindle device. According to BMW, the change in colour between light and dark can improve energy usage since white surfaces reflect more light than darker ones. 

The interiors of the SUV are likely to be more comfortable on warmer days when the E Ink is set to white, and it reduces the battery usage of the vehicle and improves range. Conversely, during cold days, the car could change colour to dark to absorb more sunlight for warmth.

Breathalyser Test for COVID-19

This is a crucial innovation, especially after the mayhem the world witnessed due to COVID-19. Earlier, people had to wait for a minimum of 48 to 72 hours for their test results. 

In 2022, the Baltimore-based pharma company invented a handheld breath analyser called ViraWarn Freedom that can detect COVID-19 and its variants with nearly 100 per cent in 5 seconds.

A patient only needs to exhale into the device and if it shows a green signal, it would mean the test result is negative and a red signal means that the test is COVID positive.

George Mason University has verified the authenticity of the breath analyser. Due to the small size of the device, it can provide up to 200 COVID-19 tests per cartridge. This device can be particularly useful for public places such as theatres, restaurants, schools/colleges, and office buildings for detecting COVID-19 infection cases.  

Ameca: Humanoid Robot

The humanoid robots that we watched in the Hollywood science fiction movies in the past have turned into a reality! The humanly-shaped robot Ameca is a mix of artificial intelligence (AI) with a human-like body. This new-age robot is the brainchild of Engineered Arts. 

Ameca runs on advanced Mesmer technology and can perform human-like motions, such as fluid arm movements, facial expressions, and twitches of the eyes.

The designers of Ameca got inspiration from many robot-based Hollywood movies. Initially, the robot’s use will be limited to human interactions in customer service, informational terminals, and for entertainment.

The modular design of Ameca will allow the designers to upgrade its software and hardware and make the robot more advanced in the future.

Project Hazel: Smart Face Mask

Again, COVID-19 is not over yet since several countries in the world are still under its grasp. Considering the potential risk of infection, the invention of a smart mask was on the cards. 

After experimenting with different types of masks, scientists have eventually developed Razer, the smartest face mask in the world. This intelligent mask comes with reusable filters and a futuristic look.

Razer looks stylish as if straight from a sci-fi movie due to the RGB lighting around the ventilation. The mask also comes with a charging case, a UV sterilization system, an integrated microphone, and a speaker system.

McLEAR RingPay

You may no longer have to carry debit or credit cards for your daily expenses while going out. McLear has come up with a ring called “RingPay” that will allow us to make contactless transactions.

The RingPay is already popular in the UK and now entering other countries too. Users also get rewards and cashback when paying via RingPay. This smart invention will likely do away with the need of carrying cards and cash by enabling people to pay with a swipe of their hands. 

Smart Suitcase

Would you believe it if we tell you that you don’t have to drag your suitcase trolley along while travelling anymore! That’s right. Travelmate Robotics has designed and developed a suitcase that does not require carrying since it will follow you after activation.

The smart suitcase might be a useful innovation for people who travel frequently and constantly worry about tracking their baggage. The Smart Suitcase comes equipped with Bluetooth and GPS, which will always let you know its location. The product comes in three different sizes so you can buy one according to your needs.