Your safety and trust is our priority

That's why we verify, vet and insure our service partners

We take extra measures to ensure your safety

Feel safe

It is important to us that you feel completely comfortable during your service. For this reason, we take a number of measures:

Handpicked partners

We check every partner before they can accept jobs. In addition to an official identity card, we also obtain an extract from the criminal record of each Mila Friend.

Qualification checks

We want to make sure that every Mila partner is a professional. Therefore, Mila Friends and Mila Professionals have to pass several skill tests before they are allowed to carry out a job.

Always up to date

The developments in our technical world are rapidly progressing. Mila partners can stay up to date and develop their skills further, thanks to a variety of training courses available at our bespoke training platform - The Mila Academy.