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Please note:

As a customer, please coordinate access to the connection box in the building (e.g. organize the caretaker of the building). Please have details ready for your connection. These have been provided to you by Swisscom.

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If you move into a new home, your future Internet provider (e.g. Swisscom, Sunrise, Yallo, Green, Init7) may ask you to call in an electrician first to activate the line. This is necessary if the provider in your house is not yet activated.

Your Internet provider will inform you via phone or SMS if and when such activation is necessary.

If an electrician comes by, he needs access to the main distribution box in your house. The UP/UPK distribution box bears the letters T+T visibly on the housing. You can usually get further information or keys to it from your property caretaker or from your administration.

Take advantage of Mila's professional electrician network and have the connection carried out quickly and professionally. With our competent service, you will get access to your subscribed services as quickly as possible.

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