Garage Door Opener Installation (New)

189 € / 90 Min.

You just bought a garage door opener, and need to have it installed? Our Mila Pro comes to your place and installs it.

Service information

  • Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Service provided by a Mila Pro.**
  • Assessment of installation area.
  • Unpacking and Assembling of elements of the door opener.
  • Drilling of holes in the garage door and ceiling to mount the door opener
  • Plug in the door opener motor to the power socket
  • Function test with accessories (remote controller)
  • Note: There needs to be a power socket near the mounting spot available to install the door opener. Electrical or wiring services are not included. If the installation is not doable due to incorrect fitting of the garage door opener, a flat travel fee of €60 will be invoiced.
**Mila Pros are part of a professional service provided by Mila. They have a strong expertise and take on more complex service orders.
Garage Door Opener Installation (New)
189 €