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Provide instant tech support and consultation to your customers, wherever and whenever they want.

Widely ranged service portfolio

Our service portfolio is regularly evolving. Always with a focus on consultation, installation, and troubleshooting.

TV & Mounting

Wifi & Network

Computer & Tablet

Smart Home

Phone & Mobile

Audio & Sound

House & Garden

Light & Electricity

The Mila Effect

Refine and upgrade the value of your product by offering additional tech services.

By offering assistance and support for those who are less confident with technology.

Let our Mila technicians demonstrate the full potential of your product on-site.

Profit from our customer-centric and on-demand tech support, with NPS of 80%.

Deliver qualified tech support by implementing our ready-to-use distribution and network service.

Collaboration at the heart of our mission

Following, a selection of brands and retailers who trust Mila and use our on-demand tech service for their customers.

Integration Models

We offer the following partnership models. Every solution is individual and depends on your selling channels, your customer-centricity, and available resources.

On your online shop and product details pages, the customer can easily add to the basket the relevant Mila service. The customer directly pays you, and you transfer back the money to Mila on a regular basis.

That model differs from the payment process. While the user can still add the relevant service to the basket via your online shop, he will receive the payment instructions directly from Mila.

The customer can purchase a voucher via your online shop or/and brick-and-mortar store. With the voucher code, the service then can be booked (by the client or you) on without additional charge.

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3. How to guarantee a high-quality and affordable solution to customers

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