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Why Partner with Mila?

Increase your earnings

In your free time- even at short notice. Earn as little or as much as you want.

Reach more customers

Effortlessly create or expand your customer segment and help make technology accessible to all.

Learn new skills

The Mila Academy helps technicians stay in the know and install devices efficiently.

What Mila Offers

From equipment installations to device sales and consultation- our broad service portfolio offers Mila technicians a variety of jobs personalized to their skillset.

Mila Friends are tech-savvy individuals who want to do Mila jobs on the side.

Mila Pros include our professional technicians, computer scientists or electricians - who either work independently or as a company.

Fill your free time slots with the hundreds of Mila jobs available on a daily basis- all at your discretion.

Benefit from our extensive infrastructure and keep a full overview of your business.

Accept, process and close service orders in the Mila app (or in FSM Light for dispatchers). Your personal partner portal shows an overview of completed orders, customer ratings and provides you with trainings via the Mila Academy.

You take care of first-class service and we take care of the rest. From automated status updates to customers to billing assistance or automated monthly payments to your account, Mila lets you bypass tedious admin tasks and free up more time for service calls.

From complex technical issues to difficulties with customers- some services don’t go as they should. No matter what, the Mila customer service team is a supportive partner at your side.

As a Mila technician, you’ll get full access to our Mila Academy. Keep up-to-date and expand your personal service portfolio through high-quality courses, tutorials, discussion forums and tech news.

New skills are added to your profile with each successfully completed course. With each new skill, new orders await you .

Becoming a Mila Technician is Simple and Easy

1) Register as Mila technician

Set up your technician account and download Mila's service app - it's here you'll receive all jobs.

2) Determine your skill set

Specify the types of services you want to fulfill in our Partner portal. Unlock new skills in the Mila Academy to expand your services.

3) Accept & schedule jobs

As a Mila technician you have the power to plan your workload. Whether it’s a few days in advance or on short notice, fill open time slots or run an extra job the way back as you see fit.

4) Get paid

Keep an overview over all your earnings and receive the money on a monthly basis.

Register for Free

Mila offers jobs for every type of technician. Choose one of the partner types below and profit from our daily job offers.

Mila Friend

Are you a tech enthusiast with some spare time? For you, Mila is a flexible way to earn money, while being your own boss.

  • Technical know-how

  • Good with people

  • Time for sideline jobs

  • Pass the Mila skill tests to ensure your training is up-to-date

  • Smartphone with Mila partner app installed

Mila Pro

Already working as a professional service technician for your own business? Sign up with Mila and grow your business with additional orders.

  • Provide official certificates of your professional education

  • Good with people

  • Registered as a business or proof of independence

  • Passing Mila skill tests to ensure your training is up to date

  • Smartphone with Mila partner app installed


As a dispatcher, you are responsible for planning and assigning service orders for several technicians in your company (Dispatcher FSM Light Leitfaden). Sign up with Mila and grow your business with additional orders.

  • More than one service technician employed

  • Registered as business or prove of independence

  • Good with people

  • Pass the Mila skill tests to ensure your training is up to date

  • Smartphone with Mila partner app installed

  • Laptop/PC with internet connection and access to the dispatching tool

Stay at the Forefront & Install the Latest Market Trends

Support our customers in addition to our top brands and retailers- here is just a small selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular services are different for our Mila Friends and Mila Pros/Dispatchers. Here are the top 3 from the last six months.

  • For Mila Friend: TV Box Setup / Wifi Router Setup / Security Camera Installation.

  • For Mila Pro/Dispatcher: UP Activation / TV Box Setup / Smart TV Wall Mounting.

The payout depends on the service package, your role, and the time spent completing this service. To give you an idea:

  • For a standard service package, a Mila friend can earn between 42 € / 60 min and 42 € / 60 min

  • A Mila Pro/Dispatcher earns between 99 € / 60 min and 109 € / 60 min.

For Friends in Germany and the UK, you must have liability insurance.

For our Mila Pros/Dispatchers, damages must be covered by your company insurance.

For most of our services, we provide you with free training explaining how to install the device. You can access that training at any time on our Mila Academy, or directly via the Mila App.

In the case where the installation cannot be completed, we offer the possibility to redistribute the service to another technician, who will execute it as soon as possible.

Overall, at any time you have a question or encounter a problem at the client home, our support team is here to assist you.

Still Open Questions?

Find answers to your questions in the Mila Help Centre or contact us directly - we'll be happy to help!