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You're the property manager of a single property with one or several buildings at adjacent addresses? Book your free-of-charge installation directly with us by indicating your contact details, property information and signing the installation agreement - we guide you every step of the way.

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You own several properties located at different addresses? Well, let us take care of the booking for you. Write us an email with your property information and we'll contact you back.

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Our Mila tech partners are trustworthy and qualified professionals who will install the Amazon Key for Business, at the place, date and time you want - fast. The installation service includes the delivery of the device, mounting and setup, functional testing as well as an introduction on how it works. This way, you get the best out of the Key for Business solution, always free of charge.

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1) Book the installation service

If you own a single property, you can directly book the service through our booking funnel. In the case where there are multiple properties, then click on the above link and send us an email with all the site's details. We’ll take care of the booking for you.

2) Our Mila Pros install KfB at any time, anywhere

Indicate when and where you want the installation service, and enter all required information for a smooth setup. Mila will instantly pair you with a qualified and trustworthy Mila Pro, from the region.

3) That's it

After you book, you will receive per email the booking confirmation and receive a phone call by one of our vetted Mila Pro to confirm the date and time of the installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Submit a request here and learn more about Amazon Key for Business.

The Key for Business device works with call boxes, buzzers, key pads, elevators, gates and many other building access systems.

Your residents can continue to use their existing access methods. Key for Business does not disrupt the existing building access system.

Are you an Access Control Installer?

We, in partnership with the Key for Business team, are actively looking for access controls experts to install the KfB solution in most major Austrian cities and growing in 2021. Apply below to join our exclusive installer network.