iPhone or iPad Setup

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60 Minutes (estimate)
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52 €
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Service information

  • General setup and wifi connection.
  • Email account setup.
  • How to find and install apps demo.
  • Photos and data transfer from the old device.
  • A brief tutorial.

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It depends on several factors such as the size of the backup to be installed and the speed of your internet connection. You can calculate it to be between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

For security reasons, it is advisable to set up your new iPhone at home in your own WLAN.

The configuration of a device specifies the language, time and date display as well as properties during an update.

Press the on/off button until you see the Apple logo. Select your language and country when prompted. Then connect the device to the WLAN and insert the SIM card. Next, you create a face ID or touch ID depending on the model so you can unlock your device. You should also create a six-digit code to better protect your data. The final task includes configurations such as automatic updates, setting up Siri as well as  installing apps and settings for individual design.

iPhone or iPad Setup
52 €