Smart TV 44" - 65'' Setup and Wall Mount

179 EUR
85 Min.

A TV wall mount for your TV is trendy and smart. Would you like your TV wall mount at the perfect height but prefer to have the experts install it? No problem!

Service information

  • Duration: 85 Minutes
  • Service provided by a Mila Pro.**
  • Service performed by 2 people.
  • Installation of a TV wall mount bracket.
  • Unboxing and mounting of the TV.
  • Cable concealment with provider-supplied cover.
  • Initial setup, channels and apps configuration.
  • Connection to your home wifi / lan network.
  • Pheripherial devices configuration.
  • A brief tutorial.
  • Notes: TV cannot be mounted above a fireplace. TV mounting is for drywall only. Bigger projects, mounting brackets requiring assembly by the service provider may result in a revised estimate and higher price.
**Mila Pros are part of a professional service provided by Mila. They have a strong expertise and take on more complex service orders.


Pay attention to the correct size of the wall mount. It has to fit the dimensions of the TV and the weight of the device. Think about the position from which the picture should be visible, then decide whether the wall mount should pivot in the longitudinal and/or transverse axis. You can get a good idea of the functionality and quality of different wall mounts on the market by researching their reviews online.
Unless otherwise stated in the operating instructions, wall mounts always show the centre of the television. It should be visible from your favourite place. If the TV armchair or couch is more than 2 meters away from the television, the device can easily be mounted a bit higher.
TV wall mounts can be easily selected using the VESA standard. Simply check in your device's instruction manual which VESA size is necessary. If the instructions are no longer available, measure the distance between mounting holes on the back of your TV. The distance in millimetres corresponds to the correct VESA size. Example: A square distance of 20 cm corresponds to the VESA standard of 200. For dimensions measuring 40 cm horizontally and 20 cm vertically, it would be VESA 400 x 200.
Smart TV 44" - 65'' Setup and Wall Mount
179 EUR