Non-binding offer

Generally, no element, either on the website or in the newsletter of Mila, is a binding offer to any visitor of the website or to the reader of the newsletter, as applicable. If, by way of exception, Mila intends to make a binding offer via its website or newsletter, Mila shall declare this clearly and unequivocally. If any doubt exists in this regard, the visitor or reader should assume that Mila does not intend to make a binding offer.


Mila disclaims any and all liability for information available via its website or newsletter. This only excludes information that bears a corresponding statement as to Mila's authorship or clearly originates from Mila. Mila does not exert any control over information stored on external servers, servers accessible by the public, Usenet news servers, discussions forums, chat rooms etc. The information included on Mila's website is subject to change at any time. Mila cannot warrant that this information is either complete or current. Visitors use this information at their own risk. Mila makes no warranty for the quality of goods or services ordered via its portal, particularly regarding the correctness, completeness, topicality, lawfulness, appropriateness, availability or timely delivery of information made available via the portal. Any and all liability on the part of Mila is hereby waived.

Intellectual property rights

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