Smart Radiator Thermostat Installation

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  • Removal of existing thermostatic radiator valve and fitting a new one (1-2 devices).
  • Wifi / network connection.
  • Initial setup and configuration.
  • Mobile app installation and connection.
  • A brief tutorial.

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We are currently experiencing high demand, which is great! However, this may mean that we will not be able to find you an available technician within a few days. In rural areas, your appointment could be a few weeks away. Our team is available and will always keep you informed of the situation.

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First check the following: are there new batteries in the thermostat? Does the app display any error messages? Many smart thermostats work via a back end which means your heating profile is stored on a server by the manufacturer. (Exceptions include AVM or Eurotronic which store your profile on your FRITZ!Box.) If there is a problem with the connection between your mobile phone to the manufacturer's servers to your router to the control box, your only option is to set the temperature directly on the thermostat. Remote control is no longer feasible.

Most systems have a temperature sensor built into the thermostat. If heat accumulates because of the location of the sensor, the room temperature will be lower than indicated. It might be caused by a long curtain covering the thermostat or another object that's interfering with the sensor. You can set a so-called offset for each individual thermostat in the app. It makes up for the difference between the displayed temperature and room temperature.

An electric motor with a transmission handles thermostat regulation. When the valve is opened or closed for regulation, it makes a humming sound. The noise is completely normal and the volume may vary by manufacturer.

You can still adjust the temperature directly on the thermostat. Bear in mind that smart home thermostats are only fully functional and efficient if you set the temperatures described below via the app or via the website for some manufacturers: economy temperature is the temperature that should be set at night or during your absence. Experts recommend temperatures no lower than 14 °C. The ideal temperature for bedrooms is 16 °C. The so-called comfort temperature should be 20 °C in the living area and 21 °C in the bathroom. The names of temperatures may vary from one manufacturer to another.

Smart Radiator Thermostat Installation
52 €