Home Office Setup for Business

99 € / 60 min.

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Facts & Figures

60 Minutes (estimate)
Mila Professional
99 €
  • Journey of service technicians
  • Full support from our customer service
  • A preliminary assessment by phone shortly after

Service information

  • A professional service created specifically for businesses.
  • Setting up and connecting up to 3 of the following devices: monitor, printer, keyboard, Wifi extender, etc., and/or setting up VPN access.
  • This service includes up to 60min on-site work.
  • For extra cost Mila partner can also set up more devices for you and/or install software and tools for remote work (22EUR/15min).

Frequently Asked Questions

This service is not for fixing issues with your device, we therefore recommend other services on our website. You can find all troubleshooting services here.

There are many solutions for many areas regarding home office software. For example you can consider using Slack or Microsoft Teams for communication. Miro for creating notes and collaborating on boards. Todoist to track your ongoing and upcoming tasks.

We advise you to prepare the access data you need to log in with your company account (VPN setup) so that our technician can help you to easily log in to the services you need.

You are most likely using an integrated microphone (the case with laptops and all-in-one computers/iMac), this microphone can easily pick noise from the fans of your computer which is reinforced by the vibrations of the computer chassis. To eliminate such noise we recommend switching to an external microphone solution such as a headset or webcam high quality integrated microphone.

Home Office Setup for Business
99 €