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45 Minutes (estimate)
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42 €
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Service information

  • Installation of the required apps or software.
  • Creation of an account.
  • Initial configuration (Spotify, Google Music, Apple Music, etc).
  • A brief tutorial.

Please note:

We are currently experiencing high demand, which is great! However, this may mean that we will not be able to find you an available technician within a few days. In rural areas, your appointment could be a few weeks away. Our team is available and will always keep you informed of the situation.

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You can stream music by selecting the casting option in your music app, then your television should be listed. If your television isn't smart or older you can consider buying a Chromecast which will enable this feature for older devices. We can set this up for you if you wish to do this with our service here.

Music streaming is a lot more versatile, for instance you can get recommendations for what to listen next to based on your past listening history. You can also stream audio in high quality with some streaming services. Another big advantage is that you can download your favorite music and take is with yourself with and without internet, without having carry CDs or Vinyl.

It depends on the features you would like to get, for example being able to stream lossless audio. If you are a student you can profit from discounts when registering your account with your existing student ID. For more information make sure to contact your streaming service.

Music Streaming Setup
42 €