Apple Homekit – shortly explained

A simple solution to turn a normal house into a smart house. Get intelligent support in your everyday life.

Only a few steps to a smart home

Do you know that bad feeling? You're on the way to work, but you're not sure if you've turned off the coffee machine? Or the stress of searching in vain in the pouring rain for the house key in your pocket?

Apple Home Kit makes your life easier

  • Not sure if the coffee machine is turned off? Just deactivate the respective power socket on the way.

  • Automatically lock the front door behind you and activate the security systems.

  • When you arrive home, open the garage door by voice command.

  • Switch lights on and off with the help of Siri or find a suitable film for a movie night.

  • Or configure fully automated daily routines for your house so that your house lives on, even when you are on holiday. For example, keep the sprinklers running every day.

How does it work?

You configure and control all the features of your smart home from the Apple HomeKit app on your iPhone or any other Apple device. The app is where all the information comes together. From here you can manage, control, and coordinate according to your wishes. Using personal scenarios, you can define activities in your home while you are not even there.

All you need is an Apple Homekit app and matching devices with the corresponding "Works with Apple Homekit" seal of approval. The Apple Smart Home System connects to a wide variety of products from more than 100 manufacturers. New ones are constantly being added, you can even use it to operate your lawn sprinkler remotely.

Frequently asked questions

Your Smart Home Consultant will arrive at your home explain and carry out an agenda that will include a deep need find, a technical survey, explanation of possible products as well as demonstrating their value, will make recommendations on solutions based on their findings, will work with you on agreeing on next steps, and finish by formulating a proposal.

The systems are very secure. The more up-to-date your software and the more complex your password is, the less likely it is to be hacked. Also keep the number of people who have your access data to a minimum. This also reduces the probability of being hacked.

If you are an owner and user of Apple products, i.e. you own an iPhone, iPad and/or Mac, you already have the most important requirements to use Apple HomeKit. Google Home is better suited if you have an Android smartphone and a Windows PC or Chromebook.

There is a savings potential of up to 30% with a smart heating system. Electricity and water can also be saved in a Smart Home. Some insurance companies grant a discount for security systems.