Remote Support - Make Technology Work Over Phone

Fast, contact-free assistance from our expert service technicians.

What is a remote support service?

Our mission at Mila is to guarantee access to technology to everyone, even in unprecedented times. To keep our promise, we have created the Mila remote services, providing a convenient and cost-effective way to solve technical issues over the phone or video call.

Our qualified and trained service technicians will walk you through the setup or troubleshooting of your computer, TV, smartphone, and other sorts of tech devices.

Depending on the problem, a technician may also suggest accessing your PC securely and quickly via remote access, for example.


Get support while staying safe at home and decreasing the risk of contamination for you and the others.


The Mila technician is an expert for your case and respects your confidentiality at all times.


Support is customised to your needs and available for as long as you need – always with transparent pricing.

How it works

1) Book your remote service

Indicate when you want to receive the remote support, and describe in simple words your issue. Mila selects the most suitable service partner based on their expertise.

2) We help you

The qualified service partner contacts you and guides you every step of the way to solve your tech issue. Upon case, the remote service is conducted via phone, video-call, or remote access to your device.

3) Pay, rate, and relax

Once the job is completed and you’re satisfied, the last step is to pay, rate, and relax.

Most important facts in brief

The final price depends on the complexity of your problem. The first 15 minutes are costing CHF 25, followed by CHF 20 for each additional 15 minutes. In average most of the services are completed after half an hour allowing a cost-effective tech support.

Once the service partner has accepted your service request, she will contact you by phone to assess the situation. Depending on the complexity and your preferences, the service partner will help you per phone, per video chat or using a desktop software such as Anydesk.

No, the service partner will guide you every step of the way so the problem is smoothly solved. After booking, make sure to keep an eye on your email or SMS inbox so you do not miss out on any update from Mila or from the service partner.

If it is necessary, you can give the service partner access allowing her to use your device, even at distance. Access is only granted with a one-time code, and you can end the remote access at any time. The tool we use is Anydesk.

When registering on Mila, all our service partners have to complete a thorough identity and security check. Besides, they are obliged to respect your privacy and confidentiality at all times. Finally, the tool used for remote access to your device (Teamviewer)  is encrypted and complying with data protection regulations, so your data remains confidential.