Ring Doorbell: how does it work, and is it worth it?

DIY security is fast becoming a fixture on every homeowner’s Must-Buy smart home tech list. It provides top-notch security features with an added dash of comfort and control. For an average urban dweller who doesn’t need high-level security, smart video doorbells are perfect investments that mix a bunch of features that elevate it beyond just security. 

Ring video doorbells – manufactured by Ring Inc., owned by Amazon, it provides a variety of smart home security devices and subscriptions. The Ring doorbell product range (there are 4) is their flagship product and comprises an HD camera, motion sensor, speaker, and microphone, which connects to a mobile app that provides users access to a video stream, notification and communication features. 

How does a Ring doorbell work?

Most of the Ring doorbells can be installed easily at home. You just need to hook it up next to your door, and they are good to go. 2 of the basic models have battery packs, so don’t need to be hardwired; the others must be fixed to a power source. 

  • Once the camera is fixed, you will be able to monitor the live feed via your Ring app on your phone or other devices. 

  • The two-way communication feature allows you to also chat with anyone on your doorstep.

  • The doorbell comes with a motion sensor, so every time someone triggers it by approaching your door, you will get a push notification – the app allows you to customize the distance of the motion detection zone.

  • You can also add an unlimited number of people to the app to give them access to the doorbell and its features.

  • Ring also offers a neighbourhood app, which helps you connect with other Ring doorbells owners from your neighbourhood to share information.

  • And, the Ring doorbell, of course, works as a simple doorbell too.

Along with the standard features it offers, Ring doorbell has two additional advantages that you must consider before investing in it –

  1. Compatibility with other smart home devices – Ring currently connects well with several relevant smart home tech products such as smart lights, locks, and Alexa. As a part of the Amazon stable, Ring will always benefit from the company’s innovations in the field and will stay well-integrated into the Amazon ecosystem.

  2. Subscription – Ring is technically free. Once you buy it and install it, you don’t have to pay anything extra. The app is also free to use (unlike some competing brands). However, if you do want the option for saving your footage and want professional monitoring of your alarm, then you can pay for one of its subscription bundles. These are pretty affordable, especially when paid annually. 

So, is it worth it?

Ring certainly gets a big thumbs up from Mila. It is a great DIY option for homeowners who are not really looking for a premium or fully monitored security plan. However, we recommend that to get the full benefit of the system, you hardwire it and get a professional to install it and hook it up to your Wi-Fi properly. 

Ring has recently upgraded the security of its products, and with Amazon backing it, you will see some great integration in the next couple of years – it already has some nifty IFTTT integrations. All in all, keeping its price in mind, a Ring doorbell provides great value for money!