Ring x Tink

Book a Ring expert in the Berlin area for consulting and installing Ring devices in your space.

What is Mila

Mila is the European leader for on-demand tech support. We have a network of qualified, tech-savvy technicians, from your neighbourhood, ready to consult you on smart devices, install them as well as help you with troubleshooting.

In a few words, we take care of your technology so you enjoy it...and enjoy life.

Book your free Ring consultation

In this partnership, we have trained a selection of Super Mila Friends in the Berlin region to offer you a free consultation. During this one hour, the Friend shows you various Ring devices and demonstrates the full potential of a smart home, in your own space with your specific lifestyle. A customised visit, free of charge.

How does this work

1) Book the consultation

Select the consultation package and indicate your voucher code for a free-of-charge visit. You also decide the date and time for the consultation to take place.

2) Learn more about Ring

Our Mila Friend, a real Ring expert, comes to you with a kit to demonstrate the Ring devices and answer your questions. You create together a personalised solution that fit your space and needs.

3) Get your Ring devices installed

After the consultation, you know exactly which Ring solution fits your space. Purchase the devices on Tink, and get them installed by a professional with Mila.