Nuki System Setup (up to 6 devices)

82 €* / 105 Min.
* Maximum price estimate. The final price will be set with your Mila Friend.

Service information

  • Duration: 105 Minutes
  • Service provided by a Mila Friend.**
  • Installing and mounting Nuki Smart Lock and Nuki Bridge.
  • Connecting Nuki Opener to the existing intercom.
  • Installing additional devices (Fob, Keypad).
  • Connecting all devices to the Smart Home App and a Smart Assistant.
  • Setting up functions, such as Auto Lock, Lock 'n' Go, creating access permissions, etc.
  • Function test and brief tutorial.
  • For extra cost Mila partner can also connect your devices to the Apple HomeKit and set up Schedules and Automations.
  • Note: The door and intercom need to be compatible with Nuki. Installation check is available on the Nuki website.
  • Door modifications are not included.
  • A sufficient WLAN connection at the installation site is necessary for the functionality of the devices.
**Mila Friends are technically skilled private and independently working persons who help people in their neighborhood with technical issues.
Nuki System Setup (up to 6 devices)
82 €*