What happened at the Samsung August Event?

On August 11, 2021, Samsung unveiled its latest products through a jam-packed virtual event. The company announced a total of four devices and their unique features during its live stream.

Much before Samsung's August 2021 event, experts and the media had a pretty good idea of what the company was going to unpack. The event was about launching the new Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3, Galaxy Watch 4/Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, and Galaxy Buds 2. 

Galaxy Z Fold 3

As expected, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 was the main attraction of the unpacked event. One of the notable features of Fold 3 is its under-display camera. When not in use, the internal selfie shooter of the device will try to blend in with the screen. However, you will notice the uniqueness of this phone when it is bent. When stretched, its 7.6” display looks more like a traditional tablet.

Samsung's S Pen stylus is compatible with Galaxy Fold 3. The company had an entire segment talking about how much time and effort it took to make these two compatible.

To sum it up, the S Pen Fold Edition is priced at $50 and the S Pen Pro feature can automatically retract if users apply a bit more pressure to the internal display of the Fold 3. Samsung has also strengthened the screen protector by 80 percent.

The device has a much better Cover Display and comes with IPX8-rated waterproofing. Samsung plans to sell the Fold 3 for $1,800. The sale of the Galaxy Fold 3 started on August 27.

Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung spent a bit less time on the other attraction, the foldable Galaxy Z Flip 3. However, this phone is no less compelling than the other one. Rather, it is better in many ways. The pricing of Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a lot more affordable, as the company plans to sell it for $1,000.

Samsung has cut the price of Z Flip 3 by $200 from the initial price of $1,200, which is likely to gain traction from interested buyers.

The Flip 3 has a more usable Cover Display that is four times bigger than its earlier version. A better Cover Display means more space for widgets and notifications, and users can easily access things such as the quick settings menu and Samsung Pay without even opening the device.

Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic

Both the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic operate on Wear OS. This operation system combines Google's WearOS and Samsung's Tizen OS. On top of it, the watches have a 5nm Samsung processor.

Both the watches come equipped with a Bioactive Sensor, integrating three separate sensors into one. The combined capabilities of those three sensors can measure the composition of the body, blood oxygen level, and detect a heartbeat.

To give a glimpse of what these watches can do, Samsung played the sensor during the event showing how to measure the body composition. You can measure the body composition by placing two fingers on one side of the watch. The watch takes around 15 seconds to measure the composition and show the results.

Galaxy Buds 2

Samsung’s last announcement towards the end of the event was of the wireless Galaxy Buds 2. The earbuds are 20 percent lighter and 15 percent smaller than the Galaxy Buds+ and come with active noise cancellation.

Users can listen to music using three adjustable ambient sound levels. There is also a machine learning feature that will filter noises when talking to someone over the phone.

They also come with a better-sounding dual-driver array that we saw in Samsung Buds Pro. Overall, the Galaxy Buds 2 may not be a game-changer, but it has many features for the price of $150.

Galaxy Buds 2 is also started available for sale from August 27.