Remote support

Benefit from Mila remote services and book a helping hand today.

We offer support services that are


Get support while staying safe at home and decreasing the risk of contamination for you and the others.


The Mila technician is an expert for your case and respects your confidentiality at all times.


Support is personalized to your needs and available for as long as you need – always with transparent pricing.

What is a Remote Support Service?

At Mila, our mission is that everyone can enjoy the great benefits of technology. Our Remote Support Services provide a convenient and cost-effective way to solve technical issues over the phone.

Our qualified and trained service partners will walk you through the setup or troubleshooting of your computer, tablet, TV, smartphone, or WIFI via phone call or video call. Your Mila service partner can also arrange to access your smartphone, tablet, or computer remotely to directly fix the problem themselves.

Most important facts in brief

Mila offers help with setting up and troubleshooting of certain devices (TV, computer, laptop, phone, WIFI) via a phone call or video call.

A qualified Mila partner will walk you through installation or troubleshooting steps. Mila partner can also arrange to access your device remotely to directly fix the issue or install/configure software.

Before the service takes place, your Mila partner will call you to quickly evaluate if the issue or task can be resolved remotely. If the issue seems difficult to be resolved remotely or problems occur during the remote appointment, the option for an on-site visit can be proposed.

When you book your remote service on we will initially offer a 15 minute package.
Your Mila partner will assess how much time is required depending on the issue or setup you need help with and communicate with you on any changes to pricing and timing.

Mila partners can only access your PC during a remote service call and only if you provide a Mila partner with your access code, which is always changing so that it cannot be accessed twice with the same code. During the remote service, you can participate in the decision-making process and follow what happens on the screen. You can end the remote maintenance independently at any time. We use a fully secure and encrypted tool “TeamViewer”.