Mila | SumUp Perk

Discover more about how to get paid faster and safer while benefiting from this exclusive collaboration.

How it works

1) Create your account

Create your account on SumUp, purchase the terminal and download the SumUp app, where you'll get an overview of all your transactions.

2) Use SumUp to get paid

For all customers that did not prepay their Mila service, you can offer the option to use your terminal. If they agree, you adjust the payment method in the Mila App.

3) Receive your payouts

If you’re a Friend - No more need to follow up with customers so they remember to pay out, by using SumUp you get the money on your bank account within seconds. If you’re a Pro, accepting payments via SumUp will get you your money within 2 weeks, instead of 4 weeks.

Get SumUp

What is SumUp

SumUp is a leading point-of-sale fintech solution, that allows customers to pay on an easy-to-use payment terminal with any kind of debit, credit card or other payment solution like ApplePay or GooglePay. The money is then transferred to your bank account within seconds at an affordable transaction fee. SumUp also offers a mobile app summarizing all transactions to guarantee an overview at all times.

For all these reasons, we want Mila Friends and Pros to benefit from this perk for a faster and safer payment solution.

Expand this perk outside Mila

This exclusive partnership between Mila and SumUp allows you to enjoy a safer and faster payment solution for your Mila jobs. But that's not yet it – you can also use the SumUp payment terminal outside Mila, for other businesses, and still benefit from the Mila partner advantages.

Guarantee of payment
Ask the customer to pay directly at the end of the service, so you don't need to remind them paying in the following weeks. As a Mila Pro you are always guaranteed the payment.

First CHF 1'000 free-of-fee
Collect your first payouts without any transaction fee. After those, benefit from a flat fee of 1.50% for debit card and 2.75% for credit card.

Discount on the terminal
Purchase the SumUp terminal with a 60% discount, delivered at your address within 3 days.

Payout within seconds
Get your money directly on your bank account the day you complete the service (as a Friend) or within 2 weeks (as a Pro), no more need to wait any longer.